Are you undertaking a project supporting better access to a vegetable-based diet and favoring sustainable changes in eating behavior? Submit your proposal to get a chance to pitch your project in front of the general public and get a financial boost in your fundraising process.

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    You have until April 30 to present your project in detail and submit your application on the dedicated form to download here. Applications will be considered by a selection committee comprising members of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and of the Ulule team, and 5 projects will be selected for the pitch pitch live session.
    Your proposal was selected? Congratulations! You will now be able to pitch it the week of May 24, during the pitch pitch live sesion, broadcasted on Ulule’s social network platforms. Ulule teams will support you to get ready for the event and target the highest probability of success in this challenge!
    Your project stood out and got the Prize of the general public and/our the Louis Bonduelle Foundation prize? Our teams will contact you shortly after the pitch session to provide you with best possible mentoring while getting your campaign ready.
    Here we go, the campaign is launched! It’s time to rally your community and double up the amount of contributions thanks to the Prize you were awarded.



Your project will be showcased on the Pitch Pitch website and on Ulule’s social network platforms.


In front of the general public, members of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Ulule.

Louis Bonduelle Foundation prize and vote of the general public

Louis Bonduelle Foundation prize: $6025 contribution to the fundraising as well as financing its marketing video production

Prize of the general public: $500 contribution

Strategic coaching

Upstream work with coaches and all along your Ulule crowdfunding campaign.

About the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

The Foundation funds and supports initiatives with the goal of helping the highest possible number of consumers move toward more sustainable dietary behaviors.
Since 2004, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has aimed at giving everyone the means of changing eating habits in a sustainable way, out of respect for the planet and humankind. Allowing everyone to get a lever to act for the planet and their own health is essential in order to imagine a better world – the Foundation aims at participating in this challenge. In order to favor this change, the Foundation provides support to concrete field initiatives led locally as well as support through scientific research and communication. Its actions, which take place on an international level, aim at enhancing access to a great variety of vegetable-based diets.


In order to participate, you need to submit your application on the website form of your country’s pitch pitch live event.

Your proposal will then be considered and reviewed by Ulule teams and the teams of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation.

If you already submitted a proposal on Ulule and if you already are in contact with the team through a discussion thread on the Ulule platform, then you need to specify that you wish to participate to pitch pitch live. If your project is selected, the Ulule team will mentor you during the whole preparation up to the launching of your crowdfunding campaign.

If your candidacy was selected, then you will get the opportunity to pitch your proposal during your country’s pitch pitch live session. This live will be broadcast on Ulule’s social network platforms. 2 prizes will be awarded during the live session: the general public prize and the Louis Bonduelle Foundation prize. Both prizes include a financial contribution to the selected projects campaigns, more exposure as well as upgraded mentoring of the projects by Ulule teams.

5 initiatives will be selected to participate to each pitch pitch live session. After those pitch pitch live sessions, 2 prizes will be awarded: the general public prize and the Louis Bonduelle Foundation prize. Selected projects will then have to launch their Ulule campaigns in order to be able to benefit from those prizes.

Projects that support the dietary transition to a more sustainable diet by: 

  • striving to support better access to a vegetable-based diet 
  • favoring sustainable changes in eating behavior